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Accelerate time to value by implementing a leading Customer Data Platform. Collect first party customer data into a centralized data infrastructure and improve the quality of that data, reducing data silos and enabling better personalization. Connect data to 300+ packaged integrations in just a few clicks.

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Collect granular media engagement data

Ingest events and customer attributes from across digital touchpoints through a single point of collection. Measure video and audio usage metrics such as view counts, watch time, average views, engagement, click performance, and more with our easy-to-setup Media SDK.

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Improve customer data quality

Protect customer data consistency, accuracy, and completeness by automatically validating incoming data against your established data plan. Address data quality at the point of collection to improve quality throughout the rest of your tools and systems.

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Reduce data silos

When customer data is siloed across tools, it becomes impossible to gain a single view of the customer or understand the customer journey. mParticle’s centralized data layer allows you to access unified customer profiles and activate them to all of the tools and systems you’re using to drive growth.

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Easier audience building

Centralize your audience segmentation with mParticle Audiences. Build Real Time Audiences that stay up-to-date dynamically, or Standard Audiences using historical lookback. Connect Audiences to multiple outputs in just a few clicks for cross-channel personalization.

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