Augment your customer information with additional data sources to gain more context and insight across your marketing and analytics activities.

Append third-party data and location-based context

  • Augment customer profiles with demographic and intent data from sources such as the Oracle Data Cloud and Acxiom
  • Transform raw coordinates into meaningful places using pre-built connectors with location data leaders
  • Create addressable marketing segments based on enriched profiles using mParticle AudienceSync

Enhance your marketing with enriched profiles

Learn more about your customers

Enrich your first-party data collected from digital channels with offline behaviors from vendors like Oracle Datalogix 

Connect anywhere

Sync customer profiles including behavioral and location attributes to any CRM system or data warehouse

Personalize messaging

Automate the delivery of messages and offers based on customers’ context and modeled scores using mParticle AudienceSync

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