Data Quality

Put your team’s trust back into your data

Bad data leads to wasted time, increased costs, and weaker decision-making across your entire organization. See how mParticle can help.

“Developers, analysts, PMs, and marketers at Chewy finally have an easy way to determine which app events are being collected and tagged across our entire technology stack”

Mobile Product Manager


Get consistent, accurate customer data with easy-to-use data quality tools

    Data Master
  • Build a cohesive data strategy to generate high-quality customer data

  • Identity matching and resolution to build a single user profile for all user activities.

    Rules and Transformations
  • Transform data at any stage of your customer data pipeline.

    User Aliasing API
  • Merge anonymous and known customer profiles programmatically while maintaining compliance.

  • For engineers to ensure proper event collection at run time

  • Validates development time code against a data plan and highlights errors to ensure adherence

  • An easy way for developers to interface with the mParticle platform through the command-line instead of the user interface


Data Master


Stop polluting downstream systems with bad data

What’s a data plan?

A framework to standardize and validate customer data before it’s shared across systems, applications, and teams.

Share plans

Review your data plans in the UI or download to share with other teams and tools.

Enforce schemas

Define the expected taxonomy and schema of your data points in your data plans.

Adapt your plans as needed

Continuously iterate with your teams to activate new versions of each plan as it evolves.

Built for scale


  • Identities resolved


  • Devices seen per month


  • User sessions per month


  • Average uptime

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