Customer data pipeline

Warehouse Sync

Go beyond Reverse-ETL with data activation designed for warehouse-centric and data-mesh architectures. Enrich warehouse data with AI-powered insights to accelerate time to data value.

"We can now seamlessly integrate our most valuable data platforms, like Snowflake, to form a more comprehensive view of our customers. mParticle enables us to offer better customer experiences across the entire customer journey, while saving valuable time and engineering resources. This game-changing solution has elevated our data strategy to the next level."


Product Lead Marketing Technologies, KFC Australia

Why Warehouse Sync?

    Warehouse Data Pipelines
  • Go beyond Reverse-ETL with a flexible data activation solution

    Continuous Customer 360
  • Automate identity resolution to build holistic customer views

    Unlock AI-Enrichment
  • Build hyper-personalized customer experiences without SQL

Warehouse Data Pipelines

Go beyond Reverse-ETL

Combine the simplicity of Reverse-ETL with the power of a real-time CDP to engage with your customers in the moments that matter. Protect data quality, privacy, and compliance while enriching customer context with predictive insights.

Warehouse Data Pipelines

A flexible data activation solution

Optimize your architecture–from warehouse-centric to data-mesh–by activating real-time data streams, warehouse syncs, and batch jobs within a single, composable platform. We got you covered with hundreds of automated, bi-directional integrations, including support for Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Redshift.

Continuous customer 360º

Unlock comprehensive customer profiles

Effortlessly stitch identity graphs for anonymous and known users with automated identity resolution. Infuse predictive intelligence into customer profiles, with or without a data scientist on your team.


Hyper-personalized customer experiences without SQL

Empower marketers and product managers to create omni-channel experiences, discover customer insights, and leverage sophisticated machine learning models to drive exceptional business results.