Native Data Collection

Collect customer data from all your digital properties.

Gather granular mobile and app data

  • Collect data from your mobile properties via native SDKs for iOS, Android, Cordova, Unity, and more
  • Gather data from connected device apps such as Roku, AppleTV, Xbox, and tvOS
  • Gain access to unique mobile identifiers and behaviors such as device IDs, location data, and in-app activity

Centralize web data collection across platforms

  • Collect all your web-based customer data through a single Javascript SDK that supports both browser and in-app web experiences
  • Track data such as unique visitors, page views and clicks across all web properties
  • Connect web data to advertising technology platforms with native cookie syncing capabilities

Track media consumption across mobile, web, and streaming services

  • Monitor content performance in real time with a single SDK
  • Build 360-degree customer views by combining media metrics with user engagement data from all other touchpoints
  • Power analysis, segmentation, and activation with content engagement data and act on customer experience insights

Flexible integration options

Mobile and connected devices

iOS, Android, Unity, Cordova, tvOS, Roku, Xbox, AppleTV


Javascript, AMP SDK, Facebook Instant Articles


HTTP API, Python SDK, Node SDK, Ruby SDK

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