The CDP Vendor Comparison Tool

Selecting the right Customer Data Platform for your team is an important decision, but your evaluation doesn’t have to be a complex process. Use this comparison tool to prioritize the platform features that are most important to you and track how different vendors compare.


This article was updated on June 30th, 2021

Like any customer data decision, selecting the right Customer Data Platform is important. As a CDP sits in a foundational position of your growth stack, it’s critical to ensure that your CDP enables your existing tools and empowers stakeholders across the organization, both in the present and the future. That said, just because your CDP evaluation is important doesn’t mean it has to be complex. 

To help streamline your evaluation process and decrease time to value, we’ve created a vendor comparison tool. The tool makes it easy to prioritize the feature categories that are most important to you, and to track how different CDP vendors match up.

How to use the tool

  1. Download the tool for free to the right
  2. Open the downloaded .xlsx file titled “mParticle_Customer_Data_Platform_Comparison_Tool” in Excel
  3. Enter the name of the additional CDP vendor that you would like to track in column C
  4. Proceed to score each vendor based on their capabilities for each criteria, being sure to weight each criteria between 0-3 based on its importance to your organization
  5. View your Total Weighted Results!

Have any questions about a specific feature category, or Customer Data Platforms in general? Just ask us!

Also, feel free to consult our Complete guide to Customer Data Platforms as well as the Complete guide to Customer Data Platforms for Engineers for additional context to guide you in your evaluation.

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