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Sophisticated identity management made easy with IDSync

Cross-device and platform identity management is made easy with IDSync. Define identity resolution logic for a unified identity view catered to your needs.

Cross-device and platform identity management is made easy with IDSync

Marketing, at its core, relies on identifying customer needs and addressing them via a product or service. Effective marketing requires you to know who you are marketing to, what they are looking for, and how you can provide value. The problem brands currently face is that customer interactions have changed as technology has become inextricably linked with everyday life, causing standard marketing practices to fall short.

Modern consumers no longer have a single identity. Customers now interact with brands across multiple channels and devices—they change emails, share devices, log in and out, and delete apps and cookies. This data is often siloed, resulting in multiple identities for the same customer and a disjointed view of their journey, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to know who they are addressing.

This is why we are excited to announce the launch of IDSync, our premium identity management framework, enabling mParticle customers to create a unified view of the customer with improved data governance, policy, and security.

Identity management reimagined

This new offering centers around three key areas:

Identity translation

Internal and external systems use their own unique identifier for customers, depending on the intended use case. For example, analytics providers may use customer UUID, while marketing engagement platforms primarily rely on customer’s email or push token.

With IDSync, mParticle automates the translation and coordination of customer identity across a brand’s ecosystem to help marketers coordinate customer experiences. Similarly, if customers wish to combine data sources to enrich data profiles from sources with different customer keys, IDSync ensures smooth data merging.

Identity rules

While adopting a “universal identifier” seems like the obvious solution for merging customer identities, brands need to take into account governing law, logged-in state, and corporate policies when addressing user identity. These factors often vary by brand, geography, and industry vertical, not to mention, this has to happen at pace with the customer as they transition between various states.

IDSync makes it possible for companies to institute rules about customer recognition, and determine how their identity contexts should be handled. For example, how should user activity be tracked as they transition from a known, registered user to log out?

Identity spaces

As people share more data via their devices for more personalized experiences, customer data platforms need to minimize the risk of data loss and privacy breaches through isolation. mParticle was engineered with data segregation controls for increased privacy and true identity erasure.

With IDSync, organizations with multiple brands and teams can now configure the degree to which teams are permitted to share customer identity with one another. For example, for Postmates—a three-sided marketplace—a person may be a customer as well as a Postmate on the weekend. Despite it being the same person, using the same mobile credentials, they may need to be treated as an entirely separate individual or as the same person depending on the context.

Why mParticle IDSync?

mParticle’s customer data platform is uniquely equipped to handle these challenges because we’ve approached them from the only perspectives that matter—our customers’ and their customers’. IDSync puts brands in control of defining context- and company-specific identity resolution logic. This singular approach to identity management is independent of platform, provider, or use case and revolutionizes how marketers using our platforms work with the entire ecosystem of over 175 marketing, advertising, analytics, and data warehouse partners to interact with more than a billion people every day.

IDSync is now in active beta. For more information, contact us!

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