mParticle ProductNovember 10, 2022

Supercharge your SMS campaigns with the mParticle Attentive integration

By powering Attentive's best-in-class SMS capabilities with real-time customer data from mParticle, marketing teams can deliver more granular personalization and increase the impact of their SMS campaigns.

Our mobile phones have become the center of our lives. We’re now in constant contact with our friends and family through texting, so much so that the idea of leaving home without a phone can be anxiety-inducing. 

But text messaging is no longer just for friends and family—SMS marketing has also transformed the way in which we, as consumers, engage with brands. Attentive’s The State of Conversational Commerce reported that as of 2022, 81.2% of surveyed consumers are opted in to at least one brand’s text message marketing program (an increase of 26.1% year over year), with 45.6% of consumers opted in to more than five. 

Attentive empowers brands to create meaningful customer interactions through text messaging. Using Attentive, marketing teams can deliver tailored SMS conversations that meet customers where they are, ultimately increasing engagement and driving conversions. 

With the new mParticle Attentive integration, teams can power their Attentive workspace with real-time customer data and take their SMS campaigns to the next level. The integration consists of two connections:

  • Event: Forward high-quality customer data from mParticle to Attentive in real time, no development work required. With data syncing in real time, teams can power triggered SMS experiences based on user actions, suppress experiences based on purchases, and more.
  • Feed: Ingest Attentive subscriber data such as SMS opt-in, SMS opt-out, and message engagement into mParticle in real time to keep 360 customer profiles up-to-date continuously.


  1. Power your SMS marketing
    Take your SMS experiences to the next level by powering them with the high-quality, holistic customer data set being forwarded from mParticle.
  2. Connect your data
    Sync customer attributes and events from any tool integrated with mParticle to Attentive in real-time. Sync Attentive subscriber data to mParticle to keep your CDP data set up-to-date.
  3. Engage customers in key moments
    Trigger messages in real time based on events such as log in, email open, geofence entrance.
  4. Get more value out of your customer data
    Simplify data quality management and governance with mParticle. Connect data to Attentive without any development work and leverage Attentive’s suite of best-in-class SMS capabilities to turn your customer data into business value.
  5. Maximize ROI with real-time personalization
    Segment your subscribers using customer attributes or behavior available in mParticle. Generate Intelligent Attributes in mParticle and connect them to Attentive to power predictive messaging.

To learn more about how you can take your SMS campaigns to the next level with mParticle and Attentive, you can book a custom demo here.

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