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Build customer trust with the mParticle Didomi integration

Incorporate user consent and preference data with 360-degree customer profiles in mParticle without writing a line of code.


Since the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, the topic of customer data has become a focal point for marketing leaders across the world. As more laws and regulations get introduced seemingly every other month, staying on top of compliance has become an increasing imperative for organizations dealing with consumer data. 

In many countries, the days of unregulated collection of consumer data are over, and businesses now have an obligation to present a legal basis for the collection and use of that data - more often than not, that means asking users directly, i.e. user consent.  

Didomi’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) was designed to capture and store consent, preferences, and privacy requests, and with the mParticle integration allows brands to take those actions and use them to exceed consumer expectations, build trust, and better align the brand with their customers.

mParticle and Didomi

Didomi offers a complete privacy offering helping businesses manage their compliance and data privacy challenges, and comply with data privacy regulations like Europe’s GDPR, California’s CPRA, and many more. Thanks to its team of experts in Consent & Preference Management, Didomi offers one of the  highest performing CMP solutions in the market, with 99,99% consent string validity rate.

With this integration, Didomi and mParticle customers are able to synchronize consent collected using Didomi’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) with mParticle Data Privacy Controls. In turn, data collection through mParticle (for all connected tools) can be triggered based on consent, without requiring any coding.


Leveraging Didomi and mParticle together will not only help ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, but it will also help create personalized user experiences and build trust based on the consent data. 

Create tailored, privacy-first experiences

Through its Consent Management Platform (CMP), Didomi collects billions of consent events across hundreds of thousands of websites every year.  Brands that connect both systems are able to leverage these consent events to dispatch consent data to mParticle, and across the mParticle ecosystem, triggering (or limiting) consent-based experiences in other third-party tools.  

Gather consent data for compliance and peace of mind

The primary reason for implementing a consent management platform is to enforce compliance with data privacy regulations. Using the mParticle and Didomi integration, brands can quickly map Didomi consents with mParticle’s privacy features without code manipulation.

As a result, mutual customers can rest-assured that going forward, data collected with mParticle and leveraged using third-party integrations will be collected in accordance with regulations. That also includes collecting proofs in the event of an audit.

Create a 360-degree customer view

Finally, integrating mParticle and Didomi will help privacy leading brands build a holistic view of their customers, not only based on behavioral data but also based on their zero-party privacy choices and preferences. 

To learn more about how to get started with mParticle and Didomi, schedule a custom demo here.

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