mParticle ProductAugust 08, 2023

mParticle releases enhanced support for Unified ID 2.0 (UID2)

Brands can now easily retrieve, store, and activate the UID2 to The Trade Desk and more than 100+ other activation partners.

Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) is an open-source identity framework that establishes and maintains a hashed identifier based on an email address or phone number.  It functions entirely separately from third-party cookies, and in fact serves as an upgrade for environments beyond cookies.  UID2 still supports comprehensive targeting and measurement, but in a more privacy conscious way.   

UID2 offers publishers, advertisers, data platforms, data providers, and consumers with an identity solution that is:  

  • Interoperable:  integrating with other identity solutions across the internet 
  • More persistent:  Email-based identifers are more durable than cookies
  • Privacy-forward:  preventing re-identification through hashing and encrypted tokens (with a rotating salt)

A comprehensive technical overview of the UID can be found at

UID2 + mParticle

mParticle announced expanded support for the use of UID2 to provide brands the ability to easily retrieve, append, and activate UID2s through mParticle’s network of 100+ pre-built audience integrations.  This new capability helps brands improve their ability to accurately target, expand reach, measure and optimize media strategies without the use of third-party cookies. 

mParticle’s solution provides brands the ability to retrieve and store UID2s for targeting in The Trade Desk and other activation platforms that accept the UID2. 

First-party data is the most valuable dataset available to advertisers, so it’s essential they shift their identity strategy to be more customer-centric and less reliant on third-party cookies. Partners like mParticle enable advertisers to use their first party data and make data driven media buys, including on streaming devices and CTV. We welcome mParticle to the growing number of companies supporting UID2 and advancing the future of the open internet.

Ben Sylvan

GM, Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk

How it works


Improvement over cookies

The UID2 identifier aims to enable publishers, advertisers, data platforms, and data providers with a better way to serve their various addressability needs, while meeting the ever-evolving consumer privacy standards in a way that 3rd party cookies cannot.

Extends reach on environements without cookies

The UID2 identifier enables logged-in experiences from publisher websites, mobile apps, and CTV apps to monetize through programmatic workflows.  Unifying the UID2 with other data stored in mParticle, enables brands to more easily monetize and target in various cookieless environments (ex: connected tv) directly from mParticle.   

Coordination with other channels, teams, tools, and use cases

With mParticle’s 300+ current integrations, and expanded support for the UID2, brands can more easily coordinate targeting across all channels and partners regardless of teams, toolsets, or use cases.


mParticle is excited to expand its support for the UID2, and to provide even more ways for brands to optimize the value of their customer data.  To learn more about how to get started with using the UID2 in mParticle schedule time to connect here

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