mParticle ProductOctober 25, 2017

Tapad partnership

Tapad is an acquisition and re-targeting solution that helps marketers engage the right people with the right content.

Tapad, featured in the acquisition and re-targeting column of mParticle’s Periodic Table of App Data SDKs, is a cross-device solution for omni-channel marketers. They address the challenge of tying together media consumption across mobile, desktop and CTV with a proprietary device graph that unifies customer touch points across different devices.

Our partnership allows brands to build audiences using any combination of mobile, web, sales, and CRM data— and instantly connect it to Tapad’s media execution services. The Tapad Device Graph™ uses probabilistic algorithms to identify associated devices for all members of an audience, allowing marketers to programmatically retarget users across multiple devices to maximize impressions.

Tapad by the numbers

  • $35.8 million raised in 6 rounds; acquired by Telenor Group for $360 million
  • Millions of global consumer connections across billions of devices
  • 91.2% accuracy of Tapad Device Graph™ Connections, confirmed by Nielsen

Who uses Tapad?

  • 33 of 40 Top Global Telecom Companies
  • 18 of 20 Top Auto Brands, including
  • 30 of 40 Top Retail Chains
  • 20 of 25 Top Travel Companies, including

To learn more about Tapad

  • Read this whitepaper explaining The Tapad Device Graph™ and learn about key products such as Audience Magnifier and CTV
  • Learn how they help brands like Jenny Craig grow their audiences and improve CPA
  • Prepare for the holidays with our Holiday Shopping Playbook
  • Check out the infographic: We Live in a Multi-screen World
  • Attend the pre-recorded webinar series to learn about Cross-device Attribution

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