Today's customer journey spans many screens, channels, and touch points, but it doesn’t need to feel that way. mParticle orchestrates engagements to create a seamless experience across marketing, advertising, service interactions, and more.

mParticle for Marketers

Unify data around a single customer profile to fuel better insights and attribution reporting

Grow faster

Launch new platforms and tools in minutes, without requiring engineering intervention

Build audience segments and sync them across all your technology and media partners

Enhance analytics

Coordinate messaging

Modern marketing is about winning in the moment. Move at the speed of your customers by converting analytics into actions in near real time

Securely connect customer data to 175+ of the leading marketing, advertising, and analytics platforms with just a few clicks. No need for custom coding, web tagging, or SDKs

Build prospect and customer lists in mParticle and share them to platforms like Adobe, Salesforce, Facebook, and Snapchat, keeping your audiences in sync everywhere and unifying the experience

Accelerate innovation

Orchestrate targeted campaigns 

Win the mobile moment

Trusted by the World’s Most Sophisticated Marketers