Get more out of your data with Feeds

Ingest data from other SaaS tools into your mParticle workspace.

  • Single, high-quality data set

  • Unified customer profiles

  • Greater data engineering efficiency

mParticle Feeds enable you to break down data silos by forwarding data from other tools to mParticle, so you can spend less time managing data sets and more time using data to create customer value.

Jillian Burnett

SVP of Customer Success at mParticle


What are Feeds?

Feed integrations make it easy to forward data from third-party tools into mParticle, supplementing data collected from your app platforms. There are Feeds available for tools providing attribution, location, support, and much more. By making it easy to connect data between otherwise siloed systems, Feeds increase efficiency open new possibilities for data-driven teams.

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