The Customer Data Platform for Financial Services

Learn how industry-leading teams use mParticle to:

  • Secure their data pipeline

  • Resolve user identity

  • Orchestrate personalized digital experiences

Simplify your data pipeline

Ingest user events and attributes once via a single API or SDK and forward data to your team’s favorite tools using enterprise-grade API integrations. Marketing and Product get the data they need in the tools they want faster, and Engineering can spend less time managing vendor implementations and return to core development.

Resolve user identity

Just 4 out of 10 Financial Services firms are confident that their current customer ID profiles are complete and accurate. This impacts campaign measurement, customer preferences management, and regulatory compliance. mParticle’s data quality tools make it easy to manage data accuracy, consistency, and identity resolution at the point of collection, improving data quality throughout the data pipeline.

Personalize the digital experience across touchpoints

It’s critical to have an infrastructure in place that enables you to deliver personalized experiences to the right audience, coordinated across channels. mParticle Audiences make it easy to build robust user segments once and connect them to 75+ secure audience integrations for activation. Profile API allows you to leverage unified user profiles to personalize experiences programmatically, anywhere you can make an HTTPS request.

“Using mParticle has allowed us to stay on track with our product roadmap. We no longer need to think about whether or not we have the engineers to implement a new vendor, we can now think more about choosing the right vendor.”

Joel Witten,

Fmr. Head of Data Science and Analytics, Venmo


Driving digital transformation in Financial Services

Digital transformation in Financial Services has changed from being a goal for the future to a necessity for survival in the present. Hear how industry leaders from TD Bank and CACI are successfully adapting and driving growth.

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