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Collect data from across mobile, web, OTT, 3rd-party feeds and more in real time. Validate data quality as data is collected to ensure clean data throughout your data pipeline and support better machine learning.

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Manage data quality

Gartner estimates that companies lose $12.9M per year on average due to poor data quality. mParticle’s Data Master simplifies data quality management by making it easy to establish data plans within the UI, surface any data points that violate your plans, and block bad data from being forwarded to downstream systems.

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Access unified customer profiles

With data being collected from mobile, web, OTT, and more, it can be difficult to build a single view of the customer. mParticle’s IDSync automatically unifies data from across channels to persistent customer profiles, each with their own unique identifier. Profiles can be forwarded to the tools in your growth stack, queried for segmentation, and activated programmatically for real-time personalization with Profile API.

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Build Real-time Audiences

Build dynamic customer segments in just a few clicks with mParticle Audiences. Connect Audiences to 75+ audience integrations, including Airship, Google Marketing Platform, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to power eCommerce initiatives. Share Audiences across strategic partnerships with Peer to Peer Audience Sharing.

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Measure media engagement

Track video and audio usage metrics such as view counts, watch time, average views, engagement, and click performance with one easy-to-setup SDK. Forward media engagement data to the tools and systems throughout your growth stack for product analytics, remarketing, and more.

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