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Learn how marketers at Overstock, Burger King, and Via are harnessing real-time data and continuous intelligence to create transformative customers experiences and smash their KPIs.

Most brands today are only scratching the surface of real-time marketing’s potential.

They may be doing some level of “real-time bidding” on ad impressions, or sending mobile notifications at certain stages of the customer buying journey, but they're unable to combine a customer’s full relationship history with up-to-the-moment situational context to inform personalization at every moment that matters.

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- The four stages of a decision-action cycle, also known as continuous intelligence

- How continuous intelligence is being applied by leading brands to fuel use cases such as:

  • CRM
  • Custom audience buys on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat
  • Product-led growth

- Steps you can take to get started with real time, right now

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