mParticle ProductOctober 18, 2017

Adjust partnership

Stream real-time data to Adjust and 175+ other services without having to install additional SDKs through the mParticle integration.

Adjust, featured in the attribution column of mParticle’s Periodic Table of App Data SDKs, is a business intelligence platform trusted by mobile app marketers at companies like Spotify, Rovio and Uber. Adjust tracks attribution across all marketing channels to help brands understand where app users are coming from and which channels are performing the best.

Our partnership allows mutual customer to stream real-time data to Adjust and 175+ other services without having to install additional SDKs. In addition, mParticle allows customer to easily extract siloed attribution data from Adjust and send it to their analytics providers, business intelligence tools and data warehouses for further analysis.

For example marketers can combining attribution data like which channel delivered the highest number of conversion with behavioral data like website and in-store visits to fully understand the customer journey and adjust spending to optimize for more conversions.

Adjust by the numbers

  • Number one iOS attribution SDK
  • 100+ Billion data points tracked monthly
  • 2 Petabytes of monthly traffic

Who uses Adjust?

  • Zynga, Viber, Fanduel Inc.
  • Yelp, Zillow, ELEX (Clash of Kings)
  • Rovio, Duolingo Inc., HotelTonight

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  • Get the free ebook Essentials of Mobile App Attribution
  • Download the Mobile Deep Linking Guide
  • Watch this webinar on How to Engage the Mobile Gamer with Rewarded Video Advertising

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