mParticle and GDPR compliance

Learn how mParticle's fundamental data governance capabilities have prepared our business and our clients’ businesses to meet GDPR compliance standards.

When mParticle was founded in 2013, we had a vision that marketers of the future would be able to build one-to-one relationships with their customers using data. Critical to this relationship is the trust that the marketer will use customers’ data responsibly to improve their experiences while respecting their privacy. 

mParticle was architected to empower brands to earn and preserve this trust, taking into account the evolution of customer relationships and increasing concern to protect customer privacy. We built a platform that helps brands meet GDPR compliance standards by enabling them to:

  • Regulate what data goes where with granular controls, for complete data transparency
  • Operate under multiple privacy regimes (US/EU) with the flexibility to customize how data is collected, merged, and shared
  • React in real time to changes in privacy policies, regulations, and consumer behaviors with an adaptable infrastructure
  • Use ‘minimally required’ data sharing and support data hashing to protect sensitive data 
  • Encrypt data from end-to-end to minimize the likelihood and impact of data breaches

These fundamental platform capabilities have been and will continue to be a focus for our development teams.

As a data processor, we’ve made significant investments to prepare the business and our clients’ businesses for the impending GDPR enforcement deadline this May. This includes conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment, updating our Data Protection Agreement, appointing a Data Protection Officer, assembling a GDPR Taskforce, and dedicating engineering resources to enhance the platform with additional GDPR compliance features.

Most importantly we’ve dedicated product and engineering resources to enhance the platform with new features that will help our customers support GDPR compliance before the May deadline. These industry-first capabilities include end-to-end consent management and data request management and fulfillment. Check out the announcement here.  

In addition, check out our GDPR resources hub, security features, and updated privacy policy, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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