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Uplevel your outbound phone and SMS campaigns with the mParticle Regal integration

By powering Regal’s best-in-class phone and SMS capabilities with real-time customer data from mParticle, B2C sales teams can personalize their outreach and convert 3x higher than traditional marketing channels.


As more businesses invest in their digital customer experience, a larger share of our purchases are being made without interacting with a sales professional in store.  Yet, for high consideration and important purchases, like buying a home or picking the right healthcare provider, the online experience is often not enough.  A personal touch during the consideration phase can deliver just the right information, confidence, and personalized brand touch needed to help customers convert. Research has found that this extra engagement can drive purchase conversions 2-3x higher compared to an experience that lacks a human touch.

mParticle and Regal

Regal empowers brands to create meaningful customer interactions through real-time conversations.  Using Regal, B2C sales teams can deliver tailored calls and SMS conversations that meet customers where they are, ultimately increasing conversion rates and driving incremental sales. 

With the new mParticle Regal integration (link to docs), teams can power their Regal workspace with any customer data from mParticle.  Brands can easily send relevant IDs, user attributes, and any consumer event data from mParticle to Regal without engineering support.  With data being forwarded in real-time, teams can easily trigger experiences in Regal based on user behavioral actions that customers are taking.    

SoFi, which is a mutual customer of both Regal and mParticle, saw a 66% lift in answer rate by calling and texting leads at the right time based on the right triggers, and providing the right contextual background to inform the experience (read the case study here). 

How it works


  1. Data is collected by mParticle via native SDKs, or sent to mParticle via reverse ETL, S2S API, or flat file uploads 
  2. mParticle associates the events to a profile and adds other relevant context  
  3. Event Integration: data collected or ingested by mParticle can be forwarded to Regal in real time  
  4. Regal’s engagement and interaction experiences are informed by data streamed from mParticle


Inform sales campaigns with all relevant customer context

Ensure customer data in Regal is enriched with the full profile available in mParticle, and that experiences in Regal are coordinated with those delivered across other channels 

Engage customers in key moments

Trigger calls and texts in real-time based on events such as cart abandonment, lead form submissions, churn indicators, or intelligent attributes set by mParticle 


mParticle and Regal are excited to announce this new partnership, combining two incredibly powerful market-leading companies. To learn more about how to get started, you can request a demo here.

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