CDPs are only scratching the surface of their potential

Instead of solving core challenges, the majority of companies are focused on the application of data rather than serving as an integrated data platform according to Michael Katz, the CEO and Co-founder of mParticle.

November 07, 2018

Beet TV: mParticle’s Katz on unifying data

mParticle CEO & Cofounder Michael Katz explains how a CDP can help brands break through the challenges associated with multi-touchpoint data ingestion and disconnected data systems by creating interoperability between all of the systems that they are using across the business.

September 13, 2018

Saastr Podcast Interview with Michael Katz

Michael Katz, Co-founder and CEO of mParticle, appears on The Official Saastr Podcast, on which he discusses mParticle, CDPs, how to define and lead a new technology category, and much, much more.

September 12, 2018

Company Is Offering ‘Fur-ternity Leave’ for New Pet Owners

The New York Times's Matthew Haag discusses 'Fur-ternity Leave' - paid short-term leave for new pet owners now being offered by companies around the world.

September 11, 2018

Employers offer "pawternity" benefits to attract animal lovers

CBS News' Jonathan Berr discusses pawternity benefits and the role that they play in attracting top-tier talent.

September 11, 2018

How Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Upending Marketing

By taking advantage of new data streams, DTC companies have built personalized customer relationship strategies that are responsive to every consumer interaction — regardless of where it occurs.

May 08, 2018

CDP Deployment, part 1: Getting off to the right start

This is the ultimate, unbiased, vendor agnostic check-list distilled to the must-have aspects for CDP deployment success. Learn how mParticle can help you implement a CDP correctly the first time around.

June 21, 2018
adexchanger cdp

Everyone wants to be a CDP. Here's who is.

While CDPs are an emerging technology, the marketplace has already started to expand to include CDP providers and periphery providers.

May 03, 2018

What is privacy by design? A deeper dive into this GDPR requirement

Experts agree that integrating privacy principles into the development phase makes sense for businesses and their customers.

March 20, 2018

GDPR introduces a new job position: The data protection officer

IAPP says that as many as 75,000 DPOs may be required worldwide to comply with the regulation.

February 16, 2018
gartner customer data platform

New report: Number of Customer Data Platforms doubled in the last year

The CDP is gaining steam, as more mDMPs join the market.

The MarTech Minute: mParticle/Drawbridge

The companies say the alliance will give brands, developers and publishers a simplified workflow to enhance and extend their customer data by leveraging Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph.

mobile sdk

How to beat the mobile SDK tax

Learn how you can use SDKs to add capabilities to your app without having to pay for it later.

Do I need a CDP? What kind?

But you’re still wondering whether CDP is the right solution for you. Why not a CRM or a Marketing Cloud that lets you do all that in other ways? This article helps you explore if you need a CDP and what kind.

Urban Airship and mParticle deepen integration to form strategic partnership

Urban Airship, the leading mobile engagement platform, and mParticle, the leading data platform for mobile apps, today announced a strategic partnership to make real-time, user-centric mobile data immediately actionable across a wide range of business systems.

mParticle now supports Roku

mParticle has introduced support for Roku to help collate customer data

Drawbridge and mParticle announce partnership

Drawbridge and mParticle have come together to offer companies a better, streamlined understanding of the customer journey.

mParticle raises $35 million Series C to accelerate growth of its customer data platform

mParticle announces $35 million Series C, led by Harmony Partners, for a total funding of $76 million.

mParticle raises $17.5 million Series B

mParticle, the leading customer data platform, announced a $17.5 million Series B, led by new investor, Bain Capital.

Too many marketers not ready for European’s looming digital privacy law

The GDPR is on the top of marketers’ minds as more and more are realizing their data infrastructure and processing are not up to snuff.

mParticle raises $35 million Series C

mParticle announces $35 million Series C, led by Harmony Partners, for a total funding of $76 million.

Mobile DMPs nudge their way onto the ad-tech scene

Four new mDMPs hit the market this year as tech companies look to meet the demands of marketers looking to activate their mobile data.

Should publishers choose mobile apps or mobile web?

Native apps have the ability to offer users a much richer experience by accessing device functionality not available via mobile web, providing publishers with entirely new data to act upon.

September 24, 2014

Mobile is eating everything including ad-tech

Mobile is the most persistent channel marketers have ever seen. This change is pushing towards the consolidation of ad tech as more and more ad tech companies are failing to make the shift towards mobile.

What GDPR costs digital media and technology companies

With GDPR enforcement approaching fast, companies across the digital media, tech, and data ecosystem are in overdrive investing in tech upgrades and product and process changes for scrutiny by the EU.

Featured in Adexchanger: Marketing data’s third wave

mParticle CEO and Co-founder, Michael Katz, shares his view on the three waves of marketing technology and what differentiates this third era from the rest.

Podcast: mParticle vs. Mobile data fragmentation

In this episode of AdExchanger Talks, mParticle CEO Michael Katz talks about the vision behind mParticle, a startup that consolidates data feeds in the fragmented app ecosystem.

It always make sense for apps to send personalized messages…except when it doesn’t

Personalizing messages for the wrong customers or at the wrong time can have major consequences for brands. To use personalized messaging effectively, brands need to take customer data like context, location, weather, and other signals.

Audience suppression helps SeatGeek make efficient Snapchat buys

SeatGeek expands their Snapchat programmatic buying while reducing their spend by using mParticle to avoid serving ads to audiences that have already downloaded the app automatically.

Pinterest adding 15 ad-tech companies to beef up its data and measurement game

Pinterest is looking to step up its ad business by debuting 15 new marketing and ad attribution partners, known as Marketing Developer Partners, for brands to measure engagement and increase conversions.

Meet the 26 trailblazers revolutionizing the field of marketing technology

AdWeek names the 26 marketing trailblazers revolutionizing the field of marketing for 2017, including mParticle co-founders, Michael and Andrew Katz.

What marketers need to know about how GDPR will impact mobile advertising

GDPR is fast approaching and is already changing the way companies are collecting and using customer data to create targeted advertisements. Mobile companies in particular will see themselves affected. Learn what companies are doing to prepare for GDPR.