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Introducing the Profile API for hyper-personalization at scale

Personalize on-site and in-app experiences wherever your customers are, in real time with the new Profile API feature. Now in limited beta.

Brands today struggle to build personalized customer experiences due to siloed customer data, scattered identities, and long development cycles.

mParticle’s Profile API feature solves this by allowing brands to programmatically retrieve user profiles built on mParticle’s cross-channel data collection and identity resolution capabilities so they can quickly create personalized experiences within or across channels. The new Profile API feature provides you with a direct pipeline of enriched customer profiles that is available wherever your users are, including web, mobile, apps, and OTT for real-time personalization

Do more with your personalization

mParticle already collects your user attribute data across all of your customer touch points and matches it deterministically to a single customer profile. With the Profile API, you can now use this enriched profile to power personalized customer experiences across all of your customer touch points.

When a user opens your mobile application, for example, a customer ID can be sent to the mParticle platform. Using the Profile API, this ID is used to query mParticle, which then returns that user’s attributes necessary to tailor the app experience to that individual.

You can send the Profile API unlimited queries per second, with response times under 20 milliseconds, allowing you to create seamless, fully personalized experiences at scale.

Personalize on-site and in-app experiences

eCommerce: Power on-site product recommendations

eCommerce and retail brands can use the S2S endpoint to send user-level product recommendations into the mParticle platform, which is then added to their user profile. When a user visits your site, fetch product recommendations associated with that user identity from mParticle to determine what you display on your site.

Travel: Help customers book more quickly

Travel booking sites and airline companies can collect a traveler’s business and personal flight preferences as part of their mParticle data collection plan. When a traveler opens the mobile app, travel brands can use mParticle’s Radar integration to detect if the traveler is at home or at work, and what city the traveler is in. Based on this location data, brands can then use the Profile API pre-populate fields with the user’s likely departure and arrival city, along with personal or business travel preferences.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR): Accelerate customer orders

QSR brands can use the mParticle platform to store recent orders and attach them to individual customer profiles as a part of their data collection plan.When a customer opens your mobile app, the Profile API can fetch recent orders from mParticle to enable faster in-app reordering.

Try it

With a direct pipeline of enriched customer profiles, brands can create highly personalized customer experiences, messaging, and recommendations based on attribute data from across the entire marketing stack to power wherever they interact with your digital properties. Profile API is now in limited beta. If you’d like to learn more about how Profile API can help you scale your personalization, reach out to your customer success manager or get in touch here.

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