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Target with precision with Amazon Advertising

With the new Amazon Advertising integration, marketers can target advertising on Amazon properties and across the web, with audiences based on reliable first-party customer data.

amazon advertising targeting


Creating meaningful brand interactions requires an understanding of individual customers’ previous engagements, activities, preferences, and needs throughout their entire journey. Without access to real-time, granular, first party customer data, marketing teams often resort to ad campaigns based on off-the-rack demographic segments or keyword searches, hoping to get their ad in front of the right eyeballs. This approach can work for initial customer acquisition, but if the goal is to drive retention, loyalty and LTV, it leads to missed opportunities and wasted spend.

Using mParticle and Amazon, marketers can access a unified view of their customers to create ads specifically targeted to key users. This approach yields more relevant brand interactions, at scale, that create lifelong customer connections. 

mParticle collects event and user attribute data as customers interact with your brand. From there, this data is aggregated into individual, persistent customer profiles that are used to create audiences, which can then be automatically synced to Amazon, to create targeted campaigns.

Through the latest mParticle integration with Amazon Advertising marketers can improve the targeting of ads in just a few clicks, resulting in boosted engagement rates, and ROI.

Benefits for marketers

With this integration in place, marketers can easily benefit from the following use cases:

  1. Build dynamic targeted audiences.
    Increase message relevancy through dynamically updated audiences which reflect each individual’s most recent interactions with your brand.
  2. Stitch together online and offline profile data.
    Create hyper-targeted content using data compiled across all touch points, including your apps, websites, and point-of-sale systems.
  3. Focus on high-potential users
    mParticle’s robust first-party data collection capabilities are perfect for powering ML propensity scores. These scores can be imported back into mParticle and used to create segments of potential high LTV users to maximize ROI on your retargeting campaigns.

How it works

mParticle’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows marketers to build targeted audiences:

  1. Unify data across the entire customer journey by collecting Events and User Attributes from Web, Mobile, OTT, and IoT Devices with our SDKs, APIs, and partner Feeds. 
  2. Easily build a unified view of all user identities, behavior data, and various user attributes. 
  3. Group customers based on your criteria to build audiences for the purpose of impactful user engagement and monetization scenarios.
  4. Send audience data to Amazon with a pre-built integration that takes a few clicks to set up.
  5. Have granular control over which identities are sent to Amazon, to keep compliance with GDPR and CCPA.
amazon advertising strategy

mParticle Setup Instructions

  1. Enable the Amazon Advertising integration in the mParticle Directory.
  2. Name your configuration and use mParticle’s UI to log into your Amazon Advertising account.
  3. Create an Audience within mParticle based on business-specific criteria. Refer to our audience setup documentation. For Example, you can create an audience of users who are frequent purchasers.
example of customer segment

4. Connect to your Amazon Advertising output to send out membership updates.

Amazon actions

Once your data is in Amazon, you can use your audiences to target advertising:

  • Display ads
  • Video ads
  • Custom ads

Ads can be displayed across the Amazon ecosystem, including:

  • On
  • On Amazon devices, like Kindles, Fire TVs, and Tablets
  • On Amazon owned & operated sites, like IMDB
  • Across the web, via Amazon DSP

Your audience can also be used to seed a lookalike audience.

To learn more, you can explore the Amazon Advertising integration documentation here.

Learn more about mParticle's Pathways partner program here.

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