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Make the most of your customer data platform and integrated tools

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Growth Marketer

Power per-location advertising with Hyperlocology


Deliver gamified loyalty experiences with Antavo

Drive higher conversions using personalization with MoEngage

Increase margins using personalized promotions with Talon.One

Increase margins using personalized promotions with Talon.One

Mix n’ match referrals, discounts, and loyalty with Talon.One

Engage customers based on their location with Radar, Braze and Amplitude

Drive more conversions using highly customized touchpoints with Iterable

Unlock more valuable customer insights with Iterable

Nurture ecommerce customers with Iterable

Engage your mobile users on the right channel with Iterable

Reduce checkout abandonment with Airship

Driving post-purchase upsells and cross sells with Airship

Power your customer loyalty with White Label Loyalty

Reduce churn using timed, individualized promotions with Talon.One

Make your brick-and-mortar locations worth visiting with Foursquare

Gather Qualitative Emotional Feedback with Apptentive

Uncover high-value customer segments with Mailchimp and Looker

Fine tune your email campaign performance with Mailchimp and Looker

Market to customers with a high likelihood of converting with Looker and Facebook

Reach loyal customers with exclusive offers using Looker and Facebook

Retarget lapsed customers with personalized promotional campaigns using Looker and Facebook

Automate follow-up emails with Iterable

Deliver multichannel experiences with Iterable

Understand your customers' needs with Narrative

Enrich customer profiles with Narrative to improve personalization

Deliver personalized messaging with Iterable

Contextual marketing at scale with Adobe Audience Manager

Drive user onboarding with Braze

Deliver relevant messaging using real time data with