Connected, by mParticle Episode 13: How to develop a world-class MarTech department with Sesi Sijuade

On this episode, host Abhi Seeth connects with Sesi Sijuade, Head of Product - Marketing Technology at Sky to discuss the art and science of MarTech.

July 11, 2023


Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp: How to choose the right email solution for your team

Email Marketing Platforms allow you to turn data into business value by delivering personalized email experiences to your customers. Learn about the differences between Klaviyo and Mailchimp, two leading email platforms, and understand how to choose the right email solution for your needs.

January 06, 2023


Four key differences between Google Analytics Universal Analytics and GA4

The sunset of GA Universal Analytics is fast approaching! Learn more about the key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 and how you can navigate the transition to GA4.

January 06, 2023


Zendesk vs. Salesforce: Which CRM is better for your marketing team?

CRMs are a critical piece of your MarTech stack. Learn the differences between Zendesk Sell and Salesforce, and how to choose the right CRM for your use cases, business goals, and budget.

December 13, 2022


How to run a complete CDP evaluation

In part one of our two-part series on making the most of your Customer Data Platform, we discuss which stakeholders should be involved in your CDP evaluation and how each can help you select the right CDP for your business.

Joey Colvin – April 19, 2021
location based marketing


How Drybar is powering location-based marketing

Sarah Hoffmann, CMO of retail disrupter Drybar, shares how her team powers their location data marketing campaigns for personalized, omni-channel experiences that keep pace with their customers’ needs.

October 29, 2019


Customer Data Platform Use Case Guide: Media

A customer data platform is only as valuable as the business case use cases it supports. Learn how to your ground customer data management search and roadmap in use cases aligned to driving subscribers, views and engagements to accelerate success.

Media Coverage

What’s on the mind of some of NYC’s top marketers

mParticle's Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Jesse Weiss, recently shared some marketing insights on a Primary Venture Partners panel.

July 29, 2019

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A marketer’s guide to CDPs (behind the hype edition)

AdExchanger's Allison Schiff spoke to mParticle's CEO & Co-founder, Michael Katz, in this updated marketer's guide to CDPs where mParticle is noted as a significant independent company in the rapidly expanding category.

April 02, 2019
Marketing technologists

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19 Marketing Technologists to Watch in 2019

The 19 marketing technologists that are making an impact today and paving the path for the innovation of tomorrow.

March 29, 2019


The Straight Talk on CDPs

Download the Winterberry Group report, courtesy of mParticle

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CDPs are only scratching the surface of their potential

Instead of solving core challenges, the majority of companies are focused on the application of data rather than serving as an integrated data platform according to Michael Katz, the CEO and Co-founder of mParticle.

November 07, 2018

Data strategy

Customer Data Platform use cases: Auto

This blog covers common use cases to help you determine which CDP features would most benefit your organization's business needs.

Abril McCloud

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CDP Deployment, part 1: Getting off to the right start

This is the ultimate, unbiased, vendor agnostic check-list distilled to the must-have aspects for CDP deployment success. Learn how mParticle can help you implement a CDP correctly the first time around.

June 21, 2018
adexchanger cdp

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Everyone wants to be a CDP. Here's who is.

While CDPs are an emerging technology, the marketplace has already started to expand to include CDP providers and periphery providers.

May 03, 2018
gartner customer data platform

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New report: Number of Customer Data Platforms doubled in the last year

The CDP is gaining steam, as more mDMPs join the market.

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Featured in Adexchanger: Marketing data’s third wave

mParticle CEO and Co-founder, Michael Katz, shares his view on the three waves of marketing technology and what differentiates this third era from the rest.

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Pinterest adding 15 ad-tech companies to beef up its data and measurement game

Pinterest is looking to step up its ad business by debuting 15 new marketing and ad attribution partners, known as Marketing Developer Partners, for brands to measure engagement and increase conversions.

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Meet the 26 trailblazers revolutionizing the field of marketing technology

AdWeek names the 26 marketing trailblazers revolutionizing the field of marketing for 2017, including mParticle co-founders, Michael and Andrew Katz.

To take advantage of the martech boom, you need to plan your digital evolution

Data strategy

Plan your digital evolution

The marketing landscape is changing at a lightning pace. To take advantage of the martech boom, you need to plan your digital evolution.

Anthony Westmoreland – December 05, 2017
customer data operations


CDP ROI: Operational efficiency

This blog is part two of a five-part series designed to help you build a better business case for data management with a CDP. This part focuses on how a CDP can help brands increase operational efficiency.

David Spitz – March 12, 2018


5 Essential components of the mobile marketing stack

Prolific's Al Harnisch on how mobile-first brands should think about their growth stacks.