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Eliminate the guesswork with power of AI

Eliminate guesswork with the power of AI

Watch mParticle's Head of Machine Learning Product, Alex Holub, discuss how you can leverage mParticle to translate your customer data into AI-powered predictions, eliminating uncertainty and increasing personalization accuracy.


Go beyond Reverse-ETL with mParticle Warehouse Sync

Watch mParticle product leaders Sean Harding and Shafiq Shivji showcase how mParticle customers can sync events and attributes from their data warehouse to their mParticle workspace, making it easier than ever to translate data into revenue.

Personalize this holiday season’s re-acquisition campaigns with real-time Audiences use cases

Make this holiday season a revenue success by getting past customers to repurchase and re-engage. Learn five ways you can use mParticle’s real-time Audiences to personalize these acquisition campaigns.

July 12, 2023

Flexible Data Activation with mParticle Warehouse Sync

Learn more about how you can unify your cloud data warehouse with mParticle using Warehouse Sync.

April 21, 2023